The awards are in

There are many role models for us to appreciate as we go along our journey and we can get inspiration from them.  On the night that celebrated the Academy Awards the documentary film category had special meaning as there were two films that highlighted people who in their own right are unique and special and who can make us think about how we approach tough problems and big walls.  RBG, the story of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is epic in its storytelling and messaging and the demonstration that against all odds powerful women can chart their own course and grow and develop and make a difference.  Alex Honnold, quite a bit younger than RBG, made his own statement when he climbed El Capitan, free solo, that is without ropes.  The mental strength that he demonstrated to do something no has ever done is captivating and motiving.  Two very different people, two examples of going beyond the expected and doing it in the most unassuming and practiced way.  A true living testament to what we can do when we put our minds to it.  No fear, no hesitation, just a person making their mark on the world, an inspiration on many levels, for many of us, for sure.        

Loving life when I am inspired by others