There comes a time

We look around as we go on our journey to others whom we look up to, who are like us and who can use support and attention while on their journey.  And as we think about the people who have clearly make high performance an integral part of their life we can learn a lot.  Today, Lindsey Vonn raced her last race as a professional skier.  After 82 career World Cup race wins, many falls and a lot of injuries she is going to retire from skiing.  She could have retired many years before, but she endured chronic pain from her accidents, and she trained as hard as anyone to be able to stay in skiing and compete at the highest level.  In her decision to keep competing we are reminded that we can all choose our path, in the way that we want – push hard or harder – stop when we want – seek new challenges – they are all choices that we make, for ourselves and the way that we live our lives.  Today Lindsey knew it was time to move on and I am sure we all see this as a moment of strength and nothing but strength.  It is for sure how we are to think about our THPL life.  Indeed, it is.

Loving life when I see how others perform their version of THPL