Data tells a story

For as much as we know and learn while on our journey we can, from time to time, use our opinions to be the way that we draw conclusions.  And there are times when the consequences of an opinion versus a fact-based conclusion are low.  Then there are other times when we should be careful about going too deep on a subject without the benefit of the data.  We who take this THPL journey know of the benefit of a data-driven approach and use it more often than not and there are others in science and math and medicine and engineering and …… who use data as the foundation for their thinking, research, conclusions, and insights.  And on topics such as global warming, it is important that we use data to inform ourselves and the conclusions that we draw.  In this spirit, Nasa has taken the time to examine the data about global warming and the assessment is alarming at best.

 The representation of what is going on around us must cause us to take action and to rally together to prevent global warming from becoming any worse than it is.  With our collective attention, we can protect our world and keep it for eons to come.  There is no time like the present to get on it!   Indeed… indeed

Loving life when I use data to inform me