Planning ahead

Just think about it – if this was our year to climb Mt. Everest we would, right now, be in the stages of final prep, heading to Nepal by end of March to be able to attempt a summit climb in May.  With big challenges or projects like climbing Mt. Everest it seems quite logical – we could not just go and show up – we would need years of training and planning and then the final push still requires months of time to get ready for the climb of the tallest mountain in the world.  Maybe we are not going to climb Mt. Everest but we are going to take on some big challenges in our lives and we are going to need to give ourselves enough time to get prepped and ready for the big event.  So, let’s pick out a big challenge, let’s give ourselves enough time, let’s plan and prep and then let’s get it done.  It will be our Everest and for sure we will make our own summit with the right plan!

Loving life when I am planning ahead