Lessons from the trail

We all know that there are lessons to be learned on our journey.  Some are learned the hard way and others, well, we can benefit from the experiences of others.  Midway through the 2019 version of the Iditarod annual trail sled dog race the lead team had a bit of an issue develop and the musher yelled at one of the dogs and then the rest of the dog team decided not to run anymore.  Apparently, they did not like how one of their teammates was treated.  So, they lost their five-hour advantage sitting on the side of the trail and with that, the opportunity to win was out the window.  Huh, maybe we can think of this as a unique experience on the trail, or, we can think about how important it is to treat any member of our team.  Team members are always watching and whether implicated or not they get to choose how to perceive a situation.  Maybe we should think about how we get done what we need to – that we need not get perfect performance but rather coordinated and empowered performance.  A bit of reflection and we will realize that it is better to do coaching in private, be positive amongst a group, and most of all realize that the team does not have to follow us – it is their choice and it is indeed a good reminder for where the balance of power really does lie…..  

Loving life when I am learning and learning again