The hitchhikers journey

There are many ways to get around on our journey.  Most of them we write about and talk about all the time, running, biking, hiking, driving and more.  We often, though, don’t consider the hitchhiker’s journey.  When pressed to think about it we very quickly think of a journey that has real feeling, that is a bit more raw, that is closer to what life is really like.  A life of freedom and choice, where we can count on each other to help and we can explore without worry new opportunities knowing that the normal burdens we carry should be dropped by the side of the road as we continue on our journey, hopefully, free of some of the burdens that we carry with us.  The video below touches on these topics and feelings and gives us a sense of what is possible when we step up to the side of the road to look for a ride to our next destination….and it comes…..bearing a smile….of course, it does.

Loving life when I can hitchhike my way to my next destination