Fire me up

We have it inside us, it is the motivation that pushes us forward, it is the fuel that we need to keep moving forward on our journey.  And yet there are some times when we hit that moment when we are not as “on” as usual, when we want to do more and take on that next challenge.  It would be good for us then, to know and understand what it is that fire’s us up – where do we get our energy, what is it that triggers us to want to be better, to do more.  It is a good exercise for us to do, take a moment and we can think about when were we most engaged and why, when did we push harder and why, and when did we feel at our best…and why?  The answers are there for us to harvest and then there for us to use, to fire us up, to give us a new sense of purpose and to motivate us to go as hard as we can.  Let’s invest some time in building that process and flow that gets us fired up and ready to go – the effort will be worth it and the result even better

Loving life when I am fired up!