Rock, Roots and Mud

Whoever said that March has some of the most challenging weather and outdoor conditions got it right.  Today proved to be no exception.  The March stop along the path of the THPL 2019 Ultra challenge delivered.... 30 degrees F, strong winds, a lot of spring runoff to run through and almost every step had some kind of obstacle to overcome or walk around, rocks, roots, and mud – yikes!   The finish line while ever-present, felt like it was quite a distance away.  As quitting was out of the question, we looked to add a dose of determination, a stir of resilience and a sprinkling of resolve and it worked  - as we have all proven many times over when we do this the finish line appears in spite of the obstacles.  There is little that can get in our way even when we bring the right attitude and our experience in doing hard things.  One more in the books.  

Loving life when I am slogging around the woods