potential realized

We know that as we pass along on our journey we will meet quite a few different people, some of them interested in what the journey is about and some on the path to living a different life. It goes without saying, however, that everyone, regardless of how they choose to live has potential in them to do more.  It does not matter if there is interest in doing better we all have the potential to do better.   There are some that have amazing potential and just don’t see it in themselves.  And there are those who see their potential but do not know what to do about it.  It is up to us to make sure that we help both groups achieve their potential.  There is a bit of effort required but the return is great for them and for ourselves.  We all benefit when we see potential realized.  It might be one of the biggest responsibilities we have on our journey.  Let’s all look for potential in others and tap into it, what better thing is there for us to do?

Loving life when I see potential and help to get it