We cannot care too much

Headlines are everywhere, issues are discussed, sides are taken.  We know that while on our journey we touch on important topics. Topics that mean more to the collective community than to any of us individually.  Topics of climate and health and waste and preservation and so much more.  And for each of these, there are standards that guide how we will be impacted by our approach to each of these topics.  When we dig deeper into how we think about them and the lasting effect of not caring enough to right wrongs, to protect the future, and to care for today we realize that we have to go way beyond where we are today.  We have to care deeply and get engaged, we have to care deeply and make a difference and we have to care deeply and pull others in with us.  With all of us caring even just a bit more the impact will be great and positive and the world that we live in and the people that we live with will be protected for ages to come.  Let’s start to care more than we ever have – it is time….

Loving life when I care too much