Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Just across the Canadian border lies the town of Banff, home to amazing mountains, a spectacular outside playground, and the annual Banff Mountain Film Festival.  A fitting place to get a dose of THPL inspiration.  It is hard not to feel the tug to the outdoors when you see the beauty that is all around you and yet for some, it might be hard to get to Banff or be at the film festival and so they did what we all hoped they would they took the show on the road.  Across the U.S. and the world, many of the epic films that played at the festival are being played in theatres near where we live and thus the opportunity to experience the amazing, rad, extreme, heartwarming stories that have found their way into this Banff platform.  Watching any of the series of movies created for, or found by, the Festival is a treat and another catalyst for action.  So, if winter has us a bit off center, or we are just looking to renew and revive then it is time to find our way to a local version of the Banff World Tour and have a great time! 

Loving life when I see amazing people on film