The sky above us

All too often when on our journey we look to the night sky and see, well, not very much.  Light pollution hides the beauty that surrounds us, the stars and the planets, our neighbors above.  There is a spirit that we feel when we can connect with that which is beyond our reach, a magical sense of bigger and humbling all at the same time.  Interestingly, it is always there whether we can see it or not and maybe we just need to put a bit of effort into connecting to the sky above us.  We can go out late at night and look up, we can find darker places that allow the ambient stars to show themselves or we can explore a bit of what is out there through video shot in special places that make us feel much closer and connected.  The filmmakers of Astronomers Paradise capture what our sky really looks like, from the Atacama region in Chile at 16,400 feet with patience and inspiration they shot this film that is captivating for sure.  ….

Let’s enjoy the view, if for now, even from our screen, it is a good reminder of how we fit and feel in this amazing universe that we are part of…..

Loving life when the stars are above lighting the way