Top of the world

There are probably few places on earth that people know about more than Mt. Everest.  It is a place that brings along with it feelings of awe and fear, of challenge and beauty and of things far away from the everyday.  It is an inspiring place and one that is captivating for sure. And as we continue on our journey we can use Mt. Everest as an image of what we can think about as we are seeking to think of what we might otherwise not seek out to do. We can then use Everest as a metaphor for the hard challenges that we want to take on – what is our Everest is a good question and when we figure out what we want it to be then we can build a plan to make it happen.  Seeing it unfold before us is a good way to help with the visualization and this video is inspiring for sure.   Watching it might just get us inspired to plan our next adventure.  Enjoy and do go for it and enjoy it along the way.

 Loving life when I am looking at the top of the world