One Q done

We hear it from time to time – that when life is good the days are long and the years are short.  In keeping with this theme – how is it possible that we are already done with the first quarter of 2019?  Seems like the year is just moving by so quickly. And when we notice this it is important to look at our goals for the year and to make sure that we are staying on track.  It does make us pause for a minute and think about how great life is when we find it flying by.  Yes, we all put a big effort into our journey and achieving our goals; and there seems to be a positive by-product of doing this.  When we are busy and focused and driving to achieve, life just moves along and we don’t have to worry about the potential for boredom or drudgery or any negative feelings.  What we get is a vibrant and energizing life that just feels right.  So, here’s to the days and weeks moving along quickly – we must be doing something right – indeed we are.             

Loving life when I am moving forward