Strengthen our mental game

It is known and understood, and for certain, experienced on our journey that our body is strong and rarely the reason that we decide to stop what we are doing.  All too often if there is a time when we quit before we should, or we don’t reach our potential it is an issue of mental focus and mental strength (resolve).  These capabilities are not at all fixed or finite, they can be improved, and we can get better outcomes when we work actively in this regard.  There are many exercises that improve our ability to focus and stay in the game and they start and end with our commitment to practice.  The more we push our abilities the better they respond and the more that we measure and stay on point the better we perform.  So, in addition to leveraging some natural products for Focus, we can work diligently to strengthen our mental game and to reap the rewards that come from doing this.

Loving life when I am on my mental game