In the middle of the night

There are some activities that we challenge ourselves with as we go along our journey that pushes the norms of what we are used to.  We might endeavor one day to run a 100-mile race or we might want to hike a 14 thousand foot peak or just read ten books in a week.  Regardless of the challenge, the important thing to do is to practice that is what is not familiar to us.  It is not good to try something like running at night if we have never done it or hike for an extended period of time and so on.  So, it is really important to build a practice schedule that feels a bit uncomfortable but is of the bigger plan.  It makes the difficulty of the challenge that much more doable when we get there.  Here’s to running in the middle of the night or whatever hard thing is that we need to do to achieve our goal. 

Loving life when I am running at midnight