Recovery is not passive

We are all quite familiar with putting in big efforts in our active lives to keep us on top of our game.  There are some, but not enough of us, who put the same effort into Recovery.  It makes sense after all that we should put a proportional amount of effort into the being active as we would to recovering.  There are more and more, well researched, programs that show us how important it is to be thoughtful and purposeful about how we go about recovering.  It can span from our community, to reference info, to YouTube, to the people who are experts and role models.  The amount of resources that we leverage is up to is, what we know for sure is that the more we put in the more we get back out.  Let’s make sure that we are taking the right steps and make recovery a day to day experience – improving at each and every step along the journey.  

Loving life when I am recovering