We know it deeply, nutrition is critical to our journey.  We can go harder and longer when we eat right. We feel better and we stay on track with what we need to do.  We have all learned the hard way that our nutrition does make a difference to our performance.  And then there is the question as to what is it that we need to be eating.  We know that with a bit of effort good solutions are everywhere, following a simple approach eat less packaged foods, eat plant-based, and then eat PB&J.  Peanut butter and jelly is one of those foods that seems to please almost everyone.  It is portable, it tastes great and it does the trick in giving you the right dose of calories that we need.  So, whenever we are on the go, busy, or even just need something that we love to eat let’s reach out for a PBJ and give us the fuel that we need to keep going on our journey. 

Loving life when I am eating a PB&J