We can fit it in

What is it that is a journey but a series of steps, movements, intentions and action?  The journey provides our ability to get from one place to another -whether that be in distance or time, we stay the course and we get done what we need to.  And then there are sometimes when we do not feel that there is enough time to get it all done.  We can let our mindset get in our own way and when we find this to the case, we have to think about the way to get around it.  We are capable of doing more and we need to get beyond what is in our way.  It comes down to bringing a positive attitude and the feeling that we can actually fit in more than we are doing now.  It is about eliminating the stuff we should avoid and freeing up time that we can use more effectively.  It is a set of actions that we take that does indeed allow us to fit in more in our 168 hours per week and when we do we feel even better.

Loving life when I get more done