Daily Ritual

When we are on the best part of our journey, we feel it, there is a sort of rhythm to our day, a flow, a feeling of control.  It is not, though, sometimes obvious why we feel this flow.  When we think about it a bit more, we realize that the flow comes from how we go about a set of daily rituals that we have established in our lives.  The rituals are there because they center us and serve a purpose to give us the right foundation for all that we aim to do in a day.  Rituals become inherent to-do lists for us – the actions that we take and the activities that we do that serve as the who we are and what we do.  It is powerful and fulfilling when we have this kind of flow to our day and it allows us to do more and be better at what it is we set out to do.  So, let’s be explicit about our daily rituals, let choose them carefully, think about what they do for us and then make sure that we do indeed execute on them every day – we are what we do and this is just one way of doing it better. 

Loving life when I am doing my daily rituals