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This journey that we take, it happens because we commit to it, because we want it more than we don’t. It is a choice that we make to be who we want to be, to do what we want to do, to challenge ourselves as the saying goes, not because it is easy but because it is hard.  And yet, it is a journey that is not taken alone, it is one that is enabled by others who set us up, support us, take us there, watch us, cheer us on and so much more.  Teachers, parents, friends, co-workers, coaches and more who invest in us and our journey and our path to our version of fulfillment.  They are often there way before and may not even see how we develop but without them the road is much harder than it need be and maybe even sometimes too much for us to take on.  We thank them in our heart and we tell them when we carry their spirit along as we make it to our own version of a Mt. Everest summit.   Broadly speaking they are all Sherpas in service to us as they are to the climbers who are now on Everest getting ready for their push to the summit.  This video is a visual acknowledgment of an example of the people who make it possible and the incredible support that is around all of us.  Indeed it is!

Loving life when I am being supported