Time to Fly

It seems that it is getting easier and easier to experience other lands and places with the efforts that others are willing to put into capturing the spectacular landscapes that are all around us.  Knowing how busy we all are it is good to make sure that we take a few minutes to leverage their efforts every week so that we can remind ourselves how much we can find when we get beyond our daily bubble.  It is a good technique for us to practice while on our journey.  We can do it by triggering thoughts using others inspiration, using resources like videos to spawn ideas for what we might want to do ourselves, and hanging around others who are motivated to share their ideas for what would be cool to do.  So, let’s take a flight around the Alps and see if it generates a reason to go do something, different, big, and exciting.   A big thanks to Gaetan Piolot for sharing his project with us! 


Loving life when I am outside my bubble