Will you go for it

There will be that moment, maybe many moments, when we have the opportunity to go for it.  To push to the finish as hard as we can.  It might be a race, a presentation, an exam, a game, a hike….really whatever it is that we are focused on and that we are pressing to get to the end.  It is a moment that we hope we are ready for, a moment that tests a lot of who we are and what we did to get to that point, a moment when a push to the end really makes a difference. We can get ourselves ready for it, we can practice taking risks, we can practice what it will feel like when we go for it.  And what we will find is that the prep is worth it, the process is worth it and giving our best to get to that moment and then going for it…. is worth it…..Yes, we have to go for it….it is what the journey is all about…..  

Loving life when I go for it