Do something big

Yes, that is what we need to think, do something big.  But what is big, it feels good to say it.  Gets us going a bit.  The heart races, the blood flows, we even heat up a bit.  “Big” triggers something inside us – it makes us want to move……. And yet, are we ready to act, what does it entail, how are we to start, to move towards something Big takes more than we are used to.  It is from there we start.  We define the goal, we build a plan, we assemble resources, we start to execute, track our progress, refine as we go and then we push hard, stay accountable to our commitment and we continue to move in the right direction.  As we get closer to Big it gets more and more real and we challenge ourselves to stay focused – and we do it again and again.  Big is in our grasp, now let’s go get it!

Loving life when I do something big