What is about that word confidence – it gives us a good sense of what is possible.  When we feel confident everything changes. We believe in different outcomes, we believe that we can get it done, we can take on challenges and we can show others how to do it.  Webster’s says…. Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.  So, it is interesting that confidence is at an “emotional” level, a feeling, a belief, then how do we get it – or why do we see it in others.  Might it be that confidence is actually a derivative of being prepared, or being knowledgeable, of practicing enough that we know the circumstance that we could be presented with.  We see what it is that we need to know or how to react and we then can act with certainty.  That firm trust, that confidence coming from not feelings but rather actions that we take.  So, next time we see it or feel it we will know why it is there – nothing random in confidence – just us, doing our thing on our journey…..yes indeed! 

Loving life when I feel confident