Share it with others

We find ourselves, many of us, on this journey for quite some time.  We stay the course because we find it to be the most rewarding way to spend our time.  We live, we learn, we get stronger, more resilient, fulfilled.  And we look around and we see that there are others who have not found the same pathway.  There is interest and yet difficulty to be able to act.  There are many reasons and explanations but if not careful we use them as excuses for what we can fix and improve.  It is as simple as including others with us on our journey, inviting them, supporting them, sharing what we have found as often and as much as we can.  There are many great ways of doing this and Max King, Kari Strang, and the Solomon team decided they wanted to share their love of the outside with kids who had not had the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a meaningful way.  Their story, told here, is just a good example of what we can do for others if we are willing to do so.  Let’s share it – yes, that’s it!   

Loving life when I am sharing with others