Read something different

We can often characterize our journey as one focused on activity and action, challenge and adventure, but in the most real of ways, we know that these are only part of what makes the journey so rewarding.  Learning is an integral part of the THPL way, and it encompasses many methods and approaches.  Reading is one of the best ways to learn.  We can tap into the wisdom and experience of others, we can feel something new and different, we can expand how we think and be treated to thoughts and ideas that are different from our own.  Reading is the fuel for our learning and our thinking, and it should be integral to how we live and how we pass along on our journey.  It is a good reminder that we should be reading often, and it is even better when we can stray from our pattern to read something different, something new, something contrarian.  It all serves to open our aperture for thinking and feeling and this is key to living the THPL way. 

Loving life when I am reading more and more