Get a dose

There has been much written as of late about vaccinations and how they can help us avoid some kind of undesirable illness.  And this presumably is good, but it is not sufficient.  There is more that we need to avoid, either directly or indirectly to keep us healthy of mind and spirit as well.  So, if we are to accept the traditional vaccination as a metaphor – then what might we want to do is to inoculate ourselves so that we can be immune to a bad circumstance.  Might we think about hanging around people of positive energy, those who keep the right perspective, those who see a path to resolution or those who know how to avoid bad moments.  The good news is that this is a reusable and fertile approach.  We have people we can tap into and they can help us – they can inoculate us and by their example keep us from regressing when we want to be progressing.  Bottom line is that this is indeed a resource for using, no matter the who or the where – we just need our dose and we can make all well, that is for sure.   

Loving life when I get my dose