We have to care

Sadly, we knew this would happen, the scourge of plastic waste has reached the deepest part of the ocean.  In a record setting dive into the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, which extends for seven miles into the ocean floor Victor Vescovo spotted a plastic bag and a candy wrapper laying on the ocean floor.  This is just the beginning of a bad story; recent discoveries have shown the incidence of plastics in the deep-sea to be so common that some organisms are eating microplastics as food.  And with this we all need to think about the implications of polluting the waters of the earth in such a way.  We have to slow the use of plastics; we have to keep waste out of the ocean and we have to take responsibility for the damage that we have caused.  We can make a difference if we start now – there is nothing to wait for – we just have to fix it as best as we can, and it starts with us.  Let’s figure out what each of us are going to do and then get to it.  We can make a difference – let’s do it. 

Loving life when I am working to fix the problems we create