What else do we need to know

As we move along our journey it is likely, by influence, experience, curiosity or for any other reason that we start to want to do more, different or bigger.  It is natural to find ourselves in this situation.  Growth and development are after all, what we are about.  And so as to be ready to be able to take on more we need to think about what else we need to learn, or know, or figure out how to do.  It is how we will be able to do more.  We push ourselves; we learn more, we get better.  It might be that we need to learn a language, or how to ski, or surf, or cook, or just about anything that we do not do today.  So, let’s figure out what we need to know, then figure out how to learn it,. and then practice it till we get better enough to do it.  A very fun way to enter the summer with a big plan and a lot of learning on the horizon.

Loving life when I am learning