A simple question

There are few constants on the kind of journey that we take as we drive towards personal fulfillment.  It is just the nature of change and challenge that creates the dynamic life that we grow to embrace and appreciate.  And while there may not be a lot of constants, one (constant) that we learn to leverage is the use of the “question” as a means to learn and grow.  It is the secret sauce that allows us to tap into the collective knowledge and experience in our network and beyond.  The question is hard to resist, we all like to answer, to share, to mentor and coach and that is where the magic happens.  When we ask a question, we shorten the amount of time it takes to take it to the next level, the answers reduce the number of mistakes we make, and they set us on the right trajectory that is the key to a successful journey.  So, let’s get out those questions, ask them profusely and keep doing it till we get what we need and then do it again and again.

Loving life when I am asking questions.