Getting Ready

On our journey, we set out to do accomplish big feats. There is an allure to it.  Do something more than we have done before.  See if we are indeed capable of more than previously accomplished.  It takes a plan, then practice, and more practice to get ready.  And it is in the practice that we start to find out if we are indeed ready.  There is physical adaptation and there is mental confidence.  And they are, for sure connected.  As we work on improving our ability our confidence goes up and the more we work on it the more we increase the chance for success and the more we will feel good about it.  This symbiotic relationship between our abilities and our belief in ourselves is exactly the reason that we put ourselves through the process.  So, let’s find as many opportunities to get as ready as possible, we will like the outcome, for sure!

Loving life when I am getting ready