Traffic Jam

There are many journeys that we can take some known and many unknown, all in the spirit of how we each perceive our own version of our high performance life.  And there are some of these journey’s that give us pause, for reason as different as they are the same.  The pause this time comes from one of the most iconic journeys’, the hike up Mt. Everest.   It is known for its epic accomplishments as much as the epic tragedies.  And this year, the pictures being posted, and the writings being shared are of a site unintended or expected in such a place.  Traffic jams of people, in lines of 300, waiting, trying to get to the summit.  The nature of the danger at Everest magnified by this circumstance.  While we can work to accept traffic on the roads we travel (sometimes unsuccessfully) we cannot fully accept a traffic jam on Everest.  The tragedies that come from this situation far too great to accept.  So, to our community let’s look for solutions to this problem and help bring Everest back to its remoteness and challenge and her beauty and grandeur; and with prayer flags flying we offer our deepest condolences to those who lost their lives on Everest.  We can and will do better in the future.

Loving life when we avoid the tragedy of a traffic jam