Take two

We start each stage of the journey with good intent.  It is our plan to do what we have committed to do, to be able to deliver on our commitments and our promises.  And yet there are times, often for reasons not under our control, that we do not get done what we intended to.  It is ok and if we put it into our mind that this not getting it done is just part of the process then we can just go back at it and call it “take two”.  As in the movies, we get another chance to do the same thing again.  We set it up and we just go right back at it putting the first “take” aside so that we can do what we know we need to do.  And so often on take two, we get right through what we intended to do – so the moral of the story is, just go back at it and good things will happen.  Take two for sure! 

Loving life when I get a second take….