What’s important

We sure can get busy when we are on our journey.  We find ways to do more and more. And there are those pesky distractions that can get us off track.  It can be tough balancing the two opposing forces.  So, the question that we need to ask ourselves often is “are we doing what matters”.  Are we having a broader impact on our community, are we doing good for the world, are we taking care of people in need of help and so on.  It can become part of our daily practice, or at least weekly.  When we find ourselves pushing hard, doing more, getting busier and busier we can do a quick check and see how we feel about what it is we are doing.  And we can then adjust as appropriate.  The important aspect of this process is that we know that we never have to just accept what is happening, we have the power and agency to push ourselves to do what is important also and when we do, we will be much better for having done so. 

Loving life when I am working on what is important