Being inquisitive

We head out on our journey with a lot of knowledge and experience.  And yet we know that there is still more to know, to learn, to hear about.  It is from this position that we can improve the journey and what we experience.  We can do this by asking about that which we would be interested in finding out more about from people to locations to new experiences. Going to new places, trying new activities, hanging out with different people or exploring ideas that don’t fit our existing mindset would be a great way for us to get more of our journey.  If we bring an inquisitive approach to all that we do, showing up with a genuine interest for the people and places around us magic happens.  It does take more effort but, when we are inquisitive, for sure we will not limit our journey with a fixed (or practiced) perspective but we open the aperture and see and feel way much more.  Indeed….

Loving life when I am inquisitive