There are some parts of life that we have to accept.  That when we choose to go on the journey there will be some moments that are tougher than others.  And they come from the choices that we make and the goals that we set.  They take up time, they call for sacrifices, they soak up a lot of who we are and there is that which we miss and give up achieving what we set out.  To make it work we need to think about how to compartmentalize. To put the sacrifice, the pain, in a box and keep it there so that it does not get in the way of all else that is going on in our lives.   We need not carry the burden with us explicitly when we are the journey – we leave it where we can feel it and be aware but not in the way.  It is a technique deserving of practice and embracing as it is core to our life of high performance.   

Loving life when I can compartmentalize