Leadman Challenge

On our journey we find opportunities to do something big.  Something that brings even deeper meaning to our lives and those around us.  It can take many forms, a service project, a charity event, an athletic goal and so much more.  This summer my big challenge is to enter the Leadman Challenge, a series of five races across eight weeks in Leadville, CO.   It is difficult from the start as Leadville is at 10,000 feet above sea level and most everything goes up from there.  Then there are the five races from the 10 k, to a trail marathon, to the 50-miler, a 100-mile mountain bike race and a 100-mile road race.  The first race was held today and was successfully completed.  The next race is the 50-mile run in a few weeks.  The challenge has begun and with four left to go it will be an interesting summer for sureā€¦

Loving life when I am running in Leadville