Real people

There is much to be learned as we go on our journey and much of it from our experiences.  But, maybe, just maybe, the real way that we can learn is from the people with whom we interact with on our journey.  Yes, we might, from time to time, feel we know better, and there is something to this perspective and at the same time the THPL journey is about getting better and experience, distilled, curated, tested and proven is likely an even better way to get to the real insights.  And we would want to find these real insights in the real people who are responsible for these learnings.  Real people, we know them when we see them, when we interact with them and when we ask for their thoughts.  When we find them we need to make the time to embrace and engage, with these “real people”, to get that real feel for life and all of the benefits that accrete from it…..

Loving life when I am hanging with real people