A good reminder

All too often when we are in the midst of our journey and for some good reasons, we can find ourselves less than pleased with our situation, our progress, our accomplishments.  And it is ok, for sure, to not be satisfied with where we are on our journey.  Ahhh, but we cannot leave it there – we have to think about how good we really have it, how far we have come, how great we really are doing, how good our life really is.  Yes, we should be happy with our lives on a daily basis, we should be as we say always happy, never satisfied and if we need a reminder that happiness is a choice then we should think about all that we have done and accomplished and it is not only ok to be happy it is the right state of mind to make the most of our journey.  So, now let’s just live to what we know is our choice.... a good reminder indeed.

Loving life when I have the right perspective…aka…being happy