Afraid of…..

It takes a lot of emotional energy and resolve to find our way through our high performance journey.  And it would not be surprising if along the way we found something about ourselves that became a bit of an obstacle to what it is we want to achieve. Maybe it is a skill we are lacking, some kind of experience, or maybe it is a fear that we have that is getting in the way.  We know that the obstacles, though, are for us to figure out how to overcome.  The first step is to recognize what is in the way and for this we can tap into friends who know us who and are capable of seeing our issues dispassionately.   We listen openly and then embrace the issue and set out on a path to address it.  In some cases, it need not be a big deal, all that is needed is a willingness to address our fears and move on empowered to do more than we would have done otherwise.  It starts with an acknowledgment and it concludes with plan.  Positive, energized, motivated…. before we know it, we have indeed conquered and we move forward. 


Loving life when I overcome my feers…