Painfully enjoyable

An oxymoron of sorts…Painfully enjoyable.  Yet, the more that we traverse our THPL journey the more we connect with this concept.  Indeed, it might even be one of the secrets of life, the counter to the easy life that we talk about, the antithesis of the life of comfort.  And in this juxtaposition of enjoyment and pain we find that it is through the struggle (aka pain) that we find out about ourselves, that we are capable and worthy, that we are strong and powerful.  None of which can really be found when we are in that place of comfort.  We need to push to find out, we need to see how we do, we need to feel the pain and we need to internalize what we find on the other side of the pain.  enjoyment…. maybe even enlightenment….for sure it is at least worth reaching into and seeing what it is that we find.  Painfully enjoyable….indeed

Loving life when I am feeling the pain