Summer trippin

We are reaching that time of year on our journey, when by default, we start to think about summer vacations, taking time off from work going new and different places or just pulling out of the day to day drudgery and doing something different.  It is important for us to change the scenery, sprinkle a bit of cabin fever on and we are ready to go. And for as much fun as the trip can provide there is an equal amount of fun, planning out the trips, the places, locations, terrain and so much more).   Along the way, we learn enough to make it easy to be productive while on the road and from there we explore and test and learn   We can always go back again to places we have visited or a destination that is new.  More fun, more excitement and we are off to a good start.  So, let’s all get going on saving a few pennies (or more) for the foundation and when done we will for sure to remember what it is we felt and how we will make sure to just start summer tripping, no time to waste! 

Loving life when I am summer tripping