Stepping in

There are many times along our journey when we find ourselves feeling apprehensive about taking the next step with an activity, a job, a relationship.  It matters not the specifics of the step, what matters is the hesitancy that we find ourselves encountering.  Often it is the unknown that is in the way or some kind of feeling of risk that is blocking us.  In both situations, it is the “not knowing” that really is the issue.  And with this acknowledgment, we can begin the process of overcoming the obstacles and getting ourselves ready to step into that which we were hesitating with.  First, we identify what we perceive as the blocker, we then start to work the plan to neutralize it.  This can come from knowledge, practice, advice and more.  We have practical ways to overcome and when we do we find ourselves very satisfied with the outcome and what we did to get there.  So, let’s work on stepping in and taking ourselves to the place that we always wanted to go but were just too hesitant to go there.

Loving life when I overcome and step-in