Our next adventure

We spend a lot of time, on our journey, focused on developing our core capabilities in the areas of life, learning and fitness.  And this is a very good thing as it turns our journey in a positive direction.  We also know that there is even more for us to experience and enjoy, like our next adventure. This sentiment needs to translate concretely into a priority that is as important for us as our core journey and thus why we need to spend time planning for our next adventure. More likely than not we have lots of ideas for us to tap into and the first step to bring it to life is to prioritize our ideas and then spend time on the details that make the idea become a reality.  It is a fun process and one that we can do more than just once.  So, let’s make sure to prioritize getting to our next adventure and all that it brings with it!  Time to have some fun…indeed it is.

Loving life when I am planning my next adventure