Reframe it

The more we spend time on our journey, taking on challenges, pushing ourselves, learning and growing the more we realize that how we frame what we do is ultimately how we succeed.  It is through this perspective, or reframing, and understanding of the power of our thinking that gets us to where we want to go.  It is as hard as it is simple.  We can decide if something is hard or easy, risky or not.  When we line ourselves up with negative expectations we often do not succeed.  We push our focus from how to achieve our goal to a goal that is hard to achieve.  To get the most of our journey, to live in this world of high performance, we have to get to that place where we feel it, we know it and we can see the path to mastery and success.  Our actions will follow our perspective and when we frame it right it all falls into place. Yes, reframing really does matter,

Loving life when I have the right perspective