With Respect

There are some mantras and topics that just seem to bear repeating.  They never get old and they serve as the foundation for a vibrant, caring, growing community, one that enables us to go on our journey and to find goodness along the way.  And so when we feel or see that we are missing the mark on one of the core topics we need to reiterate it again and again so that it becomes part of the fabric of what we stand for and what we care about.  Respect needs to be embraced more deeply, to give due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.  To bring a level of care and attention to others around us and those to whom we meet. We start with Respect and we take it up a notch and then we have a fighting chance to have each of us feel good about our interactions with each other.  Yes, respect first and foremost – given and received….and appreciated every time!

Loving life when I am respected