What we do….

There are many choices that we make when on our journey and it is indeed possible that in the context of 7.4 billion people living on the planet that our actions might feel insignificant relative to the scale of what we are all part of.  Yet, with a moment of reflection we realize that what we do, while it starts with just one always has a cascading impact.  The impact on others around us, those who observe us, those who are impressionable and also those who know not of what we do or why we do it.  From there the impact only gets bigger, multiplicative and material.  So, if we do the right thing it gets noticed, others copy us and still others notice and copy them, and the viral impact is birthed.  The path to impact great, what we do matters, and it matters a lot and so let’s think about how we change the trajectory as soon as tomorrow.  We will not heal overnight but we will have changed what is possible and that is good enough for the moment, indeed it is

Loving life when what I do matters