Leadman part three

The Leadman challenge happens in five parts across an 8-week time span.  A marathon, a 50-mile race, a 100-mile mountain bike ride, a 10k the day after and then it concludes with a 100-mile trail run six days later.  All of these races happen in Leadville CO above 10,000 feet.  The challenge, big, complete all five races under the prescribed time cutoffs and then be designated a Leadman (or Leadwomen).  Today we completed the 100-mile mountain bike ride and made it under the cutoff time.  The race was suitably hard and made even more challenging by thunderstorms and the very wet conditions.  Some food, some rest, some CBD tea and get ready for the 10k tomorrow.  Six days later the 100 mile run.  It will be an interesting week for sure….

Loving life when I finish under the cutoff times