The Mountains win

We often look to the elite to conquer the mountains, the elements, the races, the records. They line up at the start and we watch as they take off running at speeds, we figure needs a moped. And push along they do and on and on and on. We put in our version of their effort and find that the mountains just take a lot out of us, it is as if we are being pulled backward as we run uphill. And it is in this realization that we understand it does not matter our VO2 max, or our foot speed or our turnover, we cannot fight gravity or altitude. Yes, we can go hard, and yes pros will break records but we also have to realize that running in the mountains might just be the equalizer for all of us. The running of the Pike’s Peak marathon this weekend proved that even the best can be thwarted or rewarded. In the men’s race, world mountain phenom Killian Jornet failed to break Matt Carpenter’s 1993 record and Maude Mathy broke last year’s women’s record held by Megan Kimmel. A day to remember that just because we run fast does not always mean we set records, some days the mountains are kind to us and other days….well maybe not so much.

Loving life when I am running in the mountains